Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

Friday... Whew! Made it...
Here's some of my favorite things this week...

Favorite Essential Oil:  Peppermint

I've got Ricky's (& the whole town's) sinus infection & this stuff has helped me through. I keep rubbing it behind & in front of my ears for my ear aches, putting it on my throat for a sore throat & breathing it in & putting in my diffuser for a stopped up nose.  While I still feel like poop, this seems to be help my issues. I'm learning how these oils work.

Favorite Wish List Item:  Erin Condren's Phone Wallet
I love this! Perfect for doing Christmas shopping. Just put your phone in, a credit card & bam... free hands to knock & push people to get what you need :)
But isn't it cute! - I love anything that you can monogram or put a name
Favorite Cool Idea:  Tea Bag Buddy
Isn't that a great idea! I saw this on a Health & Fitness gifts under $5.00
I think I'm going to have to get me one of these.
Nothing worse then having to dig out that paper tag when it falls in your tea
Tea Bag Buddy
Favorite Thing about New Office Move:  Gas Prices!!!
It may be a further drive, but gas around me is cheaper then home.  By like 11 cents!
I got gas for $2.66 yesterday & felt like I was Beyoncé or something
Favorite Flub Up:  Buying Yarn
Our local little craft store has a once a month deal where if you buy one of their cloth bags & bring it back on the last Thursday of every month, everything that fits in it is 20% off. Well, with Thanksgiving being the last Thursday, they had the sale yesterday.  I walk in happily with my bag, get some yarn & purchase it.  I get to my car & thought that seemed high & looked at my receipt & see she charged me for an extra skein of yarn. I went right back in & she got nervous. She whispered, "Do you just want another skein?"... I asked her if it would be easier on her & she gave me a pleading look.  Well, I just HAD to get another skein... if only to not get her in trouble.  :)  I told her you never have to twist my arm to get a skein of yarn.  I ran back got another one & she put it in my bag & thanked me over & over - gave me an extra set of Black Friday coupons & told me next time I'm in, she'll buy me a coffee.
Glad to help...
Favorite Devotion of the week:  Give Thanks in Stress
Today's She Reads Truth devotion?  Yeah, I realize I'm Martha
But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary.”Luke 10:41-42 ESV
You could easily change out my name in that verse.
This devotion was much needed today. Check it out HERE if you get a minute today.
 Favorite Funnies of the Week:

Could not be more true
Hahaha!!  This is great!
hahaha  this is hilarious! #awkward #moments
Favorite Video of the Week
Pentatonix / Mary Did you Know?

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs anyways. The words are so powerful. & this groups is amazing if you never have heard them. They also have done the Wizard of Oz in the best video ever!  If you don't know anything about them, they make all their music with their mouths. No musical instruments.
Think Pitch Perfect... but with no stupid cup.

What are some of your favorite things from the week?

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday.. more knit stuff, an empty office & Neil Patrick Harris

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~Thornton Wilder


What I'm thankful for this week:

1. One last lunch with the Hubs.   Before our move, Ricky & I had our last lunch together.  But its even more a thankful thing because I think I'm going to be able to make it down every now & then for lunch with him even now. I know I will in December. I'll be the only one in the office a LOT in December so it won't matter if I'm a few minutes late getting back.  I'm glad. I miss seeing him during the day.

2. Enchanted Objects.  Packing up my office was such a drag & bummed me out. But I love I had my office Beauty & The Beast themed. It made me smile to see my enchanted friends smiling back at me.

3. Packed.  It wore me out - beat me down - but got it all done. I told my boss, if you plan on firing me after this move, just know I'm burning the building down as I walk out.  I'm too old to pack up 22 years of office junk.

4. Snuggly Puppy. The picture says it all.  Harvey is the SNUGGLIEST dog.  & he doesn't realize he's HUGE & HEAVY... he just wants to lay next to you or on you. I love that during winter. Better then any electric blanket.

5. Cowl!!!  This is my first tight gauge loom knit project on my Knitting Board. It took me about a month to do & I LOVED doing this one. The smaller stitches speak to me.  I left this project on my kitchen table & would do some every morning & a few rows every evening while dinner was cooking.  I'm so happy with the finished product. 

Another picture of how it comes over the head... LOVE IT!

6.  Hot chocolate & pictures.  Ricky went to the UK game on Friday & I was home by myself.  Editing pictures & sipping Starbucks hot chocolate was a good way to pass the time alone.

7.  Sharing the Knits.  I love when I am able to share my love of knitting with friends.  I always want to knit things & Ricky tells me, "not everyone wants knitted everything Rebecca" so I never want to MAKE someone wear my things. But when people say, Hey I would love to have _____, it makes me happy to whip up some quick projects & share along.

8. Neil Patrick Harris.  This book was sent to me for review & I was so giddy about it. I was going to buy it anyways because NPH is on my list of people that I am secretly in my head best friends with... so when I got this book for free?  I felt like a winner.
... PS. I'm just about 50 pages in & already loving NPH even more!  Didn't think that was possible.

9.  Pictures Done.  This was my last photo session of the year.  It felt like relief to be done & know that my nights are free now to clean my house & catch up on laundry.  Yeah -who are we kidding.... it means more time to knit.

BONUS THANKS: Imodium. This week would not have been pulled off without it.  :)

What are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I need to vent, get a few things off my chest... so its confession time this week


... I am now settled & unpacked in my new office.  I hate it.  It just all feels weird & messed up. That's what 22 years of doing the same thing & going to the same place will do for you.

... I literally drove around for 50 minutes yesterday at lunch trying to find someplace to have lunch.  There is nothing but run down, scary looking places & nothing vegetarian friendly.  I did find one - ONE - Subway though. & at least it was brand new. 

... the people at Subway have no idea they are going to see my face probably EVERY DAY.

This is how it will be at Subway

... I was so upset about not having lunch with Ricky anymore.  After driving around for 50 minutes yesterday, I realized I could probably make it downtown, have lunch with him & make it back in plenty of time.

... I'm probably most sad that I can't get to Hobby Lobby, Joann's or Michael's at lunch time. My yard addiction is crying.

Yep... yarn is always in my mind

... I honestly can't believe next week is Thanksgiving.

... We still have no idea what we're doing for Thanksgiving.

... I really want to spend Thanksgiving in the movie theater.  MOCKINGJAY!!!

... I'm going to start pulling out my Christmas decoration boxes this weekend.  I want to take my time putting them up during the week next week - take some of the pressure off of getting it all done the day after Thanksgiving.

... My stomach has turned against me. For about 2 weeks now, its been just in knots.  Cramping on me, making me live on a diet of Imodium.  I don't know if its stress or some sort of bug, though I don't feel like a fever or anything. I just know I have looked on WebMD a few times & yeah... I'm ready to write my will.


... Speaking of sick, my poor hubs is so sick right now. I told someone yesterday that Darth Vader has nothing on him. He's got a sinus infection, which I think every person in my little town has had... & now, I'm scared for my life. Germaphobe in full effect.

This may or may not be look like how I take care of my sick husband

... When did Winter Finales become a thing for TV shows?

... I've not scheduled any photo sessions for the rest of the year & it feels so funny not having pictures to edit at night.  My knitting is thankful for this turn of events though.

... I don't get this Ferguson riot thing. People standing outside waiting to riot if the decision doesn't go their way?  People waiting around the US to riot?... I'm sorry - isn't that a little like bullying?  I mean, the judge or jurors, or however this is going down, now know that if they let this cop off, the town is going to get burned down.  Sounds like justice, huh?  #stupid

... my laundry pile has taken over a new record.  The pile is so ridiculously high, it almost feels like we shouldn't even have clothes left to wear.

... On the bright side, when all my laundry is done, it will feel like I've gone shopping & have a new wardrobe.

... why can't I decide on boots?  I want a new pair but can't decide if I want brown, black or grey.  Boot decisions are hard.

Confession:  This is how I am in everything in life - not just boots

What do you need to get off your chest today?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving... the ups & downs of it

I'm joining in with the ladies that are doing a Holiday Series Link up.

It was great seeing everyone's posts for Halloween... & here we are at Thanksgiving.

I'm not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving - so my post today is going to be all about the UPS & DOWN of Thanksgiving...

I know some people who are ALL ABOUT Thanksgiving. You people, I just don't understand.  But I have a slight jealousy of you.  Here's my view of Thanksgiving.

UP // Food!  There really is nothing like a Thanksgiving dinner.  Food all day long. & for a vegetarian like me, its all about the sides. Sides are the best at Thanksgiving too.  Stuffing, potatoes of every sort. & let's not forget the desserts.

DOWN // Poor Turkey's.  Being a vegetarian, it really does make me so sad to see all the poor birds that are laying on kitchen tables everywhere.  I bet they hate Thanksgiving more then anyone.

DOWN // All that food we are happy about?  Now, let's look at the other side, which is the weight gain.  I honestly think I can gain 5 lbs in one day at Thanksgiving.  Don't tell me it's not possible.  It's completely possible.

UP // Family. Who doesn't love seeing family.  Especially on a holiday.

DOWN // Family. It's always so hard to get to everyone.  & why does both sides of the family always seem to have Thanksgiving at the exact same time?  Ricky & I have spent more Thanksgivings apart then together because we love our families & want to see everyone so he usually goes his family & I'll go to mine... the past few years, we've traveled to Nashville to spend it with our grandbabies.  Which is great... but then you feel bad you don't see everyone.  I hate the guilt.

UP // A day off work!  YAHOO!!!!  Who doesn't love that?

DOWN // We have to work the day after Thanksgiving.   We usually try to save up a day of vacation to take the day after, but like our vacation, Ricky had to use his days for his knee injury so he has to work this year the day after.  It's just not Black Friday without him.

UP // Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I always loved watching this as a little girl & still do.  I think I love this one because they always have songs & parts from Broadway on there before the actual parade starts.  Broadway for the win every time.

DOWN // Football. I know - most some of you love your football.  It's just not my thing.  & football takes over TV on Thanksgiving.  Thank goodness for ABC Family.

UP // Black Friday!  Yes, we're the people who always got out at 3:00 am to get some good deals...

DOWN // Black Friday!  It's not what it used to be.  Stores are open on Thursday now (side note: I bet in the next few years, every store will be open on Thanksgiving like its any other day) & I hate stores that open at midnight. It's not like you can get up early & shop & then go out to the next store & the next.  Midnight, you shop & then its a limit amount of stores.  Others don't open for like 4 or 5 hours later. So do you go home?  Sleep in the car?  Just forget about it?  It's too much planning now.

UP // I get my Christmas tree out on Thanksgiving & put it up... always love the beauty of the Christmas decorations going up.

DOWN // I always say putting up our Christmas tree is what will cause Ricky & I a divorce.  We argue over the stupidest things when it comes to putting up our tree.  But for the record, I will say, we've learned over our 19 years of marriage & Ricky usually puts the tree up, hooks up the lights (Thank you Lord for pre-lit trees - that's a whole OTHER argument that got nixed), brings all the boxes up & then hides until I tell him to come up & see the finished decorated product.  Marriage.  That's how you make it work.

So what are your best things about Thanksgiving you love?
What really gets on your nerves about Thanksgiving... come on, you can admit it!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Yeah... Monday....


Sorry... no 'real' post today...

this is what I'm doing today...

Look like fun?

Yeah.. add in this...

Snow... we had about 4 inches...


So yeah... I'll be in & out of blog world for the next few days...

Wish me luck... on my sanity...

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

I'm finishing up packing my office today... tomorrow is the big move.
Needless to say, I was up all night with a sick stomach. I mean SICK...
I'm wondering if stress is tackling me...
at least I hope that's it.  My 'let's google everything & freak out' side wants to go into full force... so for now, I'll just tell myself its stress.
Let's ease some of that by looking at some favorites of the week


 Favorite Winter Item:
The temps are staying in the 20's... you'll find me under some sort of blanket until Spring

 Favorite Knit Item:


I want to make these!
How cute are they to wear around the house...
I'd even stick my feet out from under blankets to let everyone see them

Favorite Home/Craft idea

You make one for you & your spouse & then the other has to fill it in every week
... or make one for each of your kids & fill it in for them to see
LOVE this idea... so simple

"I love you because _________" frames ... change the reason daily with dry erase markers.

 Favorite Thought:
Especially after being in downtown & seeing 'men' with their butts showing & having to walk like a penguin
A Better Time For Clothes
But would this mean ladies would have to wear heels & dresses to vacuum the house?
... mmm... nevermind...

Favorite Tea Reminder

I love me some Green Tea. Used to be a little obsessed about drinking it because it was so good for your immune system.  But this is a handy little chart to remember what teas help in other areas.

What tea to drink according to what ailment you have//
Favorite Words of the week:

 Ture that:) #haters #quote

Favorite Funny of the week:

we can do anything!
According to serving sizes, I'm a family of four.

Favorite TV Moment of the week:
The Walking Dead...
 Eugene confesses.  Anyone else not think this dude was a scientist. I mean, can a scientist have a mullet? 
 Favorite Funny Video

I saw the one video that is full of BatDad videos... but I hadn't seen the other videos that are combined of his vine videos... oh my gosh... check them all out - here's #9
This has to be the best husband & dad!!!!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday... lot of yarn involved...

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?" ~William A. Ward

thankful 111314

1.  Yarn Sales everywhere!!! .... I went to Michael's on Monday for 25% off everything, even sale prices. Then on Tuesday, Joann's had a yarn sale & had a coupon for 60% off of one item. Got a new loom I'd been wanting. I think I'm prepared to make Christmas gifts now.... or at least me a few more items :)

2.  Caffeine at the last minute... I had a morning where everything was going wrong & didn't have time to make breakfast & knew I was going to need caffeine to make it through the day. So thankful that there is a McDonalds on the way into work.  I know most of you are like, isn't there like 50 on the way to work?  Well, when you live out on a road where the biggest thing that used to be there is a mini mart, then you'd be thankful for a new McDonalds too. I think its actually a year old about now.  It saves me some mornings.

3.  Starbucks Red Cup.... my first of the year.  Chai Tea with Pumpkin... still warming my heart right now.

4.  Brown Beanie.... tried a new loom that I found fits my head better with hats.  I now know how to make it & now know I want to make another one that is more slotchy. Ricky has already put in his order too.

5.  She Reads Truth App... I am so thankful that this app is now on Android. It's such a beautiful devotional every day. If you don't have it ladies - GET IT!  I can't stress it enough.

6. HEAT!!! ... we have heat in our home. Thank you Jesus!!!

7.  Wizard of Oz ... My mom & dad treated us all to see the show... for the 1,874th time. & that may be under estimating it.

8.  Fingerless Gloves... on cool photo session days, these things are the best. I think I can wear fingerless gloves every day of winter indoors.

9. Veterans ... my uncle posted pictures of my grandfather on Veterans Day. So thankful for the service & sacrifice of so many.

What are you thankful for this week?